published on Thursday, 1 December 2011

Remember when Jim Iyke was posing with all those cars that we were all wowing and opening our mouths at the pictures?? omo all na lie oh!!! Jim Iyke borrowed all those cars!! me gan sef, i was wondering wassup! lol! but then *lips sealed*

It looks like the Nollywood star, Jim Iyke, appears to have landed himself in fresh wahala. It came to our attention that he is now not sleeping in his home in the federal capital territory, Abuja.  The issue answerable for his escape from home has nothing to do with the continuing N15 million legal case. According to info gathered, he got into fresh difficulty over… His new Cameron SS Convertible and Plymouth Prowler Convertible automobiles worth N16 million, which was celebrated in the media. As explained by inside sources, Jim Iyke isn’t the original owner of the vehicles.

The cars were handed over to him by his good friends based in England to look after until when they are going to return to Nigeria and have need to utilize the automobiles. Instead of sticking to the accord with his friends, Jim not only hit the streets of Abuja with the cars, he also lied about buying the two cars for N16 million.  According to his close friends, the honest truth about the genuine owners of those cars eventually came to the open when the fellows stormed Abuja and requested their Camero SS Convertible and Plymouth Prowler Convertible from the actor.
Jim’s good friends who pleaded anonymity revealed that on seeing the state of the automobiles, the genuine owners got upset. After minutes of debate they told him the case will be settled at the Police Station. Instantly they left his compound, Jim Iyke purportedly ran away from his place and left the two vehicles where his friends could simply pick them and leave in peace.
They said that the Nollywood actor gave the media fake info concerning the price of these vehicles, as they were given the autos with N13.3 million. They maintained that they were given the dark colour Plymouth Prowler for $43,000 while Camero SS went for $40,000. But Jim Iyke had already left his mansion before they arrived with the Police ; it was gathered that they noiselessly left with their autos. It’s not clear if the actor has moved back to his home now, as sources informed, he was still unable to come back to his home.
It was also revealed that the majority of previous posh vehicles paraded by Jim Iyke don’t truly belong to him, as his buddies who are based outside of the country typically give him vehicles to keep for them until their return, while others send vehicles for him to sell. But in these circumstances, Jim is claimed to have flourished the autos as if they legitimately belonged to him.
Such cars include: Chryslers, Rolls Royces, Range Rovers, G-Wagons, and many others.