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Last month it took me weeks to come up with a style star but all to no avail. But this month, Omowunmi Akinnifesi came to my mind. The very stylish young lady is our style star for september due to obvious reasons! It's great to see young ladies doing great things out there.

JK MEETS T.A.P.!!!!!

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When you see three fashionable ladies coming up under one umbrella, you expect nothing but the best. So when JK met up with Weyinmi Thorpe, Tolu Adeosun and Ifie Patrick we wern't surprised at what we found. In these few sentences, the ladies of T.A.P. explain life and of course FASHION!! ENJOY!!


Weyinmi: I am a go getter. I'm Weyinmi Melda Thorpe; april 10th, from delta state.. I'm half ghanian and nigerian. Α student of houdegbe north american uni, benin republic. Studying law.

Tolu: I'm basically your normal everyday girl. I'm Toluwalase Adeosun, december 28th, from ogun state.. Α student of houdegbe north american uni, benin republic. Studying law.

Ifie: I am cool,classy& fabulous. I'm Ifie Nsan Patrick, september 26th, from rivers / bayelsa tribe-IJAW.. Α student of houdegbe north american uni, benin republic. Studying law.

JK. What was growing up like for you guys?

Weyinmi: it was fun.. We were a little spoilt but still on check with momsy. But it was never lonely.

Tolu: it was fun being the last born and the fact that I am a twin It was never lonely, and my mom was so cool. Love her to bits!

Ifie: it was fun and lovely,I was a really happy child and I stil am today. I was never alone thanks to my siblings and parents, I grew up around a lot of natural beauties. Thanks to my parents I am who I am today,and I love them to beats.

JK. Educational background

Weyinmi: attended ctc pry school, gra ikeja, and then vivian fowler memorial college for girls.(Jss1-ss2; oregun),then (ss3)in christ the king intl school (gbagada estate).went to leadcity uni before the law programme was terminated and now I'm in north american university benin republic.

Tolu: attended Grace pry and high school .. (Gbagada estate) and went to leadcity uni before the law programme was terminated and now I'm in north american university benin republic.

Ifie: attended St. Anns nursery and primary school (1-4 ; port hacourt) then archdeacon brown education centre (5-jss2)ph f.G.G.C keana (jss2-ss3), went to leadcity uni before the law programme was terminated and now I'm in north american university benin republic.

JK. When did you first discover your flare for fashion?

Weyinmi: since I was little, I had older ones to look up to.. Especially my mom..

Tolu: I loved playing dress up wit my big sisters and their friends. Also loved making fashion statements where ever i went. Fashion has always been part of me.

Ifie: when I was six. I started (Making clothes for my barbie dolls and all) (laughs)...and when I go for birthday parties, I always wanted be the designer (using my barbie doll costumes) of the clothes we we're meant to wear,the colour,the hair etc  this made me fall in love with fashion even if I didn't knw what love meant at my tender age (laughs).

JK. How did all three of you meet?

TAP--> we met in leadcity university.. During the entrance examination and interview..and coincidentally we we're assigned to the same room. It was cool actually.

JK. Where did the name TAP come from?

TAP--> It came from all three of us surnames.. Thorpe,Adeosun,Patrick.

JK. So what roles do each of you play?

TAP--> we don't basically have roles. We all help each other out in any way we can. We all serve as checks to each other.

JK. How often do you guys introduce new designs?

TAP--> it really depends. Cause the thing about fashion is that, its ever changing. Different designs come up at different times.

JK. What is your inspiration behind your designs?

TAP--> anything inspires us. Little details we see everyday gives us new ideas by the minute. Different patterns and styles around us also inspire us,music also but basically, its our environment and all that inspires us.

JK. At what rates do you charge for your services, in terms of sales?
TAP-> it depends on the fabric, style, quantity demanded. For example; our prices are very reasonable, depending on the fabric and quantity requested for by a particular client.

JK. How often do you guys do fashion shows and photo shoots?

TAP-->we've had a couple of photoshoots for our own line. And we have α couple of fashion shows to participate in.

JK. I'm sure the guys would love to know,do all three of you guys have boyfriends?

Weyinmi: nope! I'm single. (Laughs)

Tolu: yes I have a bf. The only thing u should know is, he's caring and he supports what I do.

Ifie: I'm single (laughs)

JK. What's the future looking like for TAP?

Weyinmi: I see the sky as the beginning for TAP designs .. By the grace of God.

Tolu:I see TAP not only known in Nigeria, but also internationally. By God's grace, TAP would expand and grow bigger.. And that's what we are working towards.

Ifie: I see TAP all around the world. In every store, fashion and non- fashion Occasions,red carpet events worn by different celebrities . By Gods grace!

JK.Before we go,I always have a parting question! If you were to come back to life again; which top worldwide fashion designer do you guys want to be like and even top? And why?

Weyinmi:well, I'll come back as the co-ceo of TAP designs. Reason? Because, I know were we are going. I won't want to be anyone or anything but myself.

Tolu: I don't think I'll come back as anyone else, would love to keep doing what am doing with TAP. Because, my aim in life as a designer is to learn and be the best there is ...

Ifie: oh....I'll come back as me in the sense of kimora lee simons Cause, I am Fabulous, classy, and I've wanted to be like her.... Her style is just simply glam! We hav some thing in common (laughs).


Below are some pictures from their latest photo shoot with Obi Somto. ENJOY!

Below are pictures of the ladies of TAP; Weyinmi, Tolu and Ifie.




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The Lound On Sound show (LOS) that came up some months back was definitely a show to remember. But due to some difficulties, JK was not been able to bring you pictures from the show. But better late than never, here are the pictures. ENJOY!!!!