"i wont apologize for the last interview........"-TRICK

published on Sunday, 22 May 2011

When you think of upcoming controversial rappers you think of TRICK. The young,dark dude of TOPNOTCH always has a lot of drama happening and JK wanted to know what's up with him,the drama,#teamtrick and "MRS TRICK". Enjoy!

JK.What's been up with TRICK since the last time you met up with JK?

Kevwe I've been on my grind..talking to different labels....trying to discover myself..learning new things..basically growin up..socially..spiritually...and trying to be a better man.

JK. The last interview caused a lot of drama due to your answers,how did you manage that?

Kevwe: (laughs)..I won't apologize for that know I was messing around and all can't be mad at a nigga for joking don't have to be serious all the time.That's what I'm trying to preach.Work hard..and play too.

JK.People say you're the most controversial rapper around.would you say you're just different or you take comments personal?

Kevwe: Honestly I think I'm different..I think lyrics are different you know...I'm really not the regular rapper...I strive to be different..I don't wanna ever be the regular guy..also being a rapper comes along with controversy..that's what makes it worth can use the controversy to your advantage or let it bring you down...sometimes it gets to me bt then other times..I just laugh it off.Its the controversy that makes the rap game exciting and different

JK.We've been hearing about a mixtape featuring you and mayday for quite a while now
What's up with that?

Kevwe: Oh um..we doing our individual mixtapes..he's doing "black roses"..and I'm doing "mad at the world mixtape"..he's definitely going to be on the mixtape too...we have some hot joints together...maybe later on we'll do a joint mixtape together...we are definitely going to do that..y'all just keep your fingers crossed and don't sleep on us..there's too much in store.

JK. So how's your mixtape coming along?

Kevwe: It's in the know its taking a lot of time because I'm trying to bring something classic out...I've listened to so many mixtapes...and I think rappers are really too bothered with dropping punchlines that they forget about the MUSIC..I want to bring out something know its my first mixtape..I'm not gonna mess around with it..its definitely going to sound like an album...I'm doing freestyles...r and b songs..dancehall music..hardcore stuff..and rock and I'm trying to put a little fuji joint for my yoruba people to bump to..(Big smile)...(Laughs) for real..It's going to be international men. its gonna be all over in most major countries thanks to Code red Ent.

JK: There's a lot of buzz behind #teamtrick...I heard it trended the other do you cope with the evergrowing fan base?

Kevwe: It's wonderful men..I really did not think I was gonna get all this love from wife ifeoma Nwadike started the brothers from photolounge,purple haze,gladiator,ketchup,bakar couture,st esterre also supported the movement bigtime.and my other friends joined the movement..I feel very appreciated you know for someone who hasn't dropped an album or anything..its all so very encouraging.. When I'm down I read the tweets and I smile..I'm definitely gonna go larger than the grace of God. All na God.

JK: We heard of a controversy involving your love life,can you straighten it out for us? Who is the official MRS TRICK?

JK: (laughs)..ifeoma nwadike is definitely miss other girl..but then on the other hand..I feel like its deeper than being miss Trick...we are one..she's Trick.

JK: How is school though? Because its not that easy to combine both school work and your musical career.

Kevwe: To be honest its not easy..I do a lot of work...soo much work..having to cope with assignments,projects and whatever..its really hard but then I have to.

JK: How's the homefront though? Because that could be tough at times.

Kevwe: The homefront is know my dad is late and I'm the man of the house..(Laughs)..I love my mother and my sister soo much.their my life..soo I'm a family man..I might be stubborn at times and all like every other rebellious teenager but most importantly I love my mother and my sister and I want to make them proud.

JK: You mentioned something about code red ent. Is dat your label?

Kevwe: Its in the works we are talking...I'm soo excited about it because...i've always looked up to the CEO of code red; at a point in my life I used to fantasize about joining code red..basically because I loved what they were doing in America...and all...the same way j.cole looks up to Hova is def the same way I look up to Ralph of Code just goes to show that dreams come true....I haven't signed yet soo I'm still free agent. But I'm definitely down with code red all the way.

JK: Is there any track from trick to be released soon? Because people want to hear something from you

Kevwe: Oh yes definitely.i've been in the studio sooo much lately..i've been featured on nothing less than twenty songs...I'm working on a couple of songs..not even a couple...soo many songs with my team Topnotch...and then my birthday is on the 29th of may..I'm definitely preparing something special for my fans.Working with major producers too and upcoming oness.I'm just tryna be the best
JK: What are your plans for your bday?

Kevwe: I'm gonna spend time in church definitely...I haven't been the best Christian this year...then also spend time with my sister my mum.....and my girlfriend....she's my family too..and then club with my niggass men...bottles on me.its a celebration you know..19years no be small thang..its no lowkey nothing..I'm going all out....purple haze ent and taiwohitch are also hosting a party for me...I'm pretty excited too..

JK: Finally,I know this wont be your last interview with JK but before then, what message would you love to leave for;
1. Your haters
2. Your fans
3. Your friends

Kevwe: Um to my haters yall should do your thing..iv never paid attention to haters you know..all that talk about haters motivating you doesn't apply to me..I just see a hater and do the kanye shrug..I don't ever pay attention to them..
And then my fans..I love y'all...I feel like yall are yet to see the best of Trick and know toby is working and he gets better everyday..maye is with a new label so you know he always brings that heat..and dapo is just a genius...just got outta the studio with him..and I think we made a hit..(Big smile).I'm happy to be with the right team.
And to my friends...Damn I love my friends..Like to be honest I hang with a lot of people bt then I have just a few people I trust..and I don't know how I can function without my friends..they have bn with me all the way.I'm blessed.