".............I enjoy putting together little get togethers, parties and lounging basically.."-Adewunmi Adebesin (Bankhead Ent.)

published on Sunday, 8 May 2011


If you walk into Rehab;one of the hottest nightclubs in Lagos on the 2nd saturday of any month, you are likely to meet up with style,class and finesse all wrapped up into one touche event. Bankhead vip saturdays are a must for every Nigerian trying to have fun. It is a platform under the Bankhead Entertainment umbrella making waves in Lagos at the moment. JK met up with it's key face and president; Adewunmi Adebesin to get to know what prompted Bankhead Ent. and where we expect to meet it in the nearest future. Enjoy.

JK:. Who is Adewunmi Adebesin?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: I'm the same old young fly G, born june 15th 198*...(Laughs).

JK.:What was growing up like for you?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Lovely, wish I could stay forever young. Guess we just can't cheat nature. Growing up was all good, very lovely experience, from the lego days to winning dance competitions at birthday parties, High school, Uni and all.

JK. Educational background

Adewunmi Adebesin.: I went to kindergarten & Nursery school at beehive schools and high school at The International School Ibadan and Dansol High School (Lagos) then Covenant University.

JK. Can you give us a brief history of bankhead? Where the name came from? What sparked the bankhead dream?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Umm.. I'm a Gemini (Star sign) and best believe we are social people who just love to have fun.. I enjoy putting together little get togethers, parties and lounging basically..
Umm.. I was in ma room back then in Uni with my good friend Sukanmi (suko) listening to T.I... was really a boring day yeah so I got thinking. T.I represents Bankhead in most of his songs and that just got to my head.. The name and of course everyone wants to be bank heads (literarily).... That's how it all started.
Then came my partners Tope Adekoya, Charles, T.K & Joe.. We decided to do a concert/awards for the high school graduating class of 2011 of the ivy league schools in lagos.
It was successfull, we had dotstar fly in from the Uk, got Jesse jagz, ice prince, Shank, mocheddah and tilla man to perform...
After that Bankhead VIP Saturdays kicked off.. We have had 9 successful Editions fully star studded. We have also had shows in Yola, Abuja, Ghana and in June Manchester, July (the loud on sound concert/ Fashion show).

JK.: The entertainment industry you're involved in comes with a lot of publicity and attention. How do you deal with it?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Yeah true.. But I just try to remain my humble self..

JK.: Enough people say you're pompous and annoying. Is that true or you have your reasons for being that way?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: I don't think thats true. Occassions when persons want to get added to my BBM and I suggest taking my phone number. I've got my reasons. BBM's strictly for my business and I have over 600 contacts which I'm trying to cope with.. So I avoid adding pple. Some see it as being proud but I really can't be bothered.

JK.: Everytime you're seen you look stylish and classy,what inspires your looks?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: (laughs).. Standard! But it all depends on self control. I'm good with it.

JK.: Your job also attracts the females,how do you deal with them? Do you go with the flow?

Adewunmi Adebesin. Somebody please remind me why I'm here.. (Laughs)..

JK.: Do you have a girlfriend?

Adewunmi Adebesin.:  I'm single at the moment, but getting there in a bit... There's someone in the picture already.

JK.: We've been hearing something like bankhead magazine, tell us more about it.

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Yeah, Bankhead Magazine.. Fashion, Entertainment & Lifestyle.. That's our new medium of getting information on the above to our fans basically with a touch of finesse... More like a mixture of VIBE/VOGUE/GQ.. Magazine should be out before the end of the year.

JK.: I also heard bankhead has a record label and production company tied to its belt. Fill us in on that too

Adewunmi Adebesin.: Yeah.. Bankhead Music.. We have got very young & rare talents making very good music. Our artists are a group called L.O.S meaning Loud on Sound, you should watch out for them. We have been working with different artists like Shank, Dotstar, Wizkid, chykay, Davido, Dammy Krane.. Most of the songs yet to be released till the summer, so stay tuned!.. You could follow on twitter @team_los or @bankheadent10.

JK.: Where do you intend to take bankhead to in the nearest future?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: In the future, we hope to top the likes to Badboy Records, Roc nation, Young Money... As long as we keep working hard, God help us.

JK.: Advice for people trying to step in your shoes?

Adewunmi Adebesin.: To them brethrens.. It's all Hardwork & Determination. You can be watever you want as long as you're determined. Bankhead was all a dream now reality... Trust me WE WORK HARD, So Y'ALL CAN PARTY HARDER!! (Laughs)...