published on Friday, 27 May 2011

1. Did wizkid really get arrested?

The popular music crooner, Ayo Balogun aka wizkid was rumoured to have been arrested for drug trafficking in scotland. BankyW who is like his godfather in the business, denied the arrest story. People are however of the opinion that if wizkid was not arrested he should personally give a statement instead of banky doing justice to that. We at JK aren't sure what's really happenin to the EME crooner but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

2. Are DAMMY KRANE and FLOWSICKK dropping out of school?

For a few months now,the absence of upcoming artistes flowsickk and dammy krane has been noticed on the Redeemer's University campus. People have been coming up with stories of them being in Unilag,some in UI and others in Leadcity. But we at JK would rather wait to hear the news from the horse's mouth.


3. Is DBANJ a stowaway in Ghana?

For quite a while now,the ace star,performer and artist, Dapo aka Dbanj has not been in the country. There is a rumour of him running away from Nigerian press. He has been "chilling" in Ghana for a while now hoping the rumours die down due to his interview with the president; Goodluck Jonathan. It was observed by the Nigerian press that Dbanj made the interview very controversial and explosive. They have threatened him so much that he moved out of his own country according to sources.

4. Were the royalties of "GHETTO DREAMS" embezzled?

Ghetto dreams the movie made about the late artist Dagrin; aka Olaitan Oladapo  hit the streets some months ago and well has been a hit. A lot of people have gone to the cinemas to know the late star's story. It is customary that the money and royalties should go to his family members as they were next or close to him. But a close source informed JK that his manager; Tunde has been syphoning all the royalties to his pocket.

5. Video for MONKEY POST to be shot next month.

The video of Monkey post the hit song by both dammy krane and flowsickk is rumoured to be shot next month; June. A lot of buzz was going round last week when photos of flowsickk and dammy krane in somewhat of a shoot leaked. But an authenticate source told JK that the video of monkey post is to be shot next month and that the pictures where from a just concluded photoshoot.


6. Beyonce is said to have released her worst record yet.

You how they say there will always be something that will finally break the camel's back? Well we at JK think beyonce long,straight,steady line of success and goodwill has been cut short by her most terrible record yet. The track; "run the world (girls)" feels very stale and is definitely a lazy effort from Beyonce Gisselle Knowles. We hope she would be able to bounce back and just pray Rihanna has not finally killed her.


7. Is Tonto dike really like the characters she plays in movies?

The ever pretty star,Tonto Dike hit the industry with a bang some few years back and has not stopped working since then. She is the pretty face behind popular movies like sex slave, dirty secrets, men in love, blackberry babes and so on. She has lately been taking up tarty and racy roles in movies that one tends to wonder if that's how she really is in reality. She has been rumoured to have had an affair with wizkid and some other dudes to name a few. But then can we say she really is tarty? JK is of the view that she is misjudged by her looks and roles in movies but we are still yet to find out who she really is. 

8. The rise of sex-scenes in Nigerian
. Is the government working at all?

A lot of racy movies have been released in Nigeria of late that one tends to wonder if the government is working at all. Movies like sex slave, Men in love, dirty secret and so on. They all have the same actors and a lot of sex-scenes that you wonder if you're watching a porn-movie. Movies like this should either be banned or rated and kept out of the reach of children because in JK's point of view, we really don't know when Nigerians started the rubbish! Konji's really terrible! KMt!

9. Team-trick tEe-shirts to hit the streets 29th of may,2011.

The young,up-coming, controversial rapper trick announced to JK this passed week that a clothing line is set to release tee-shirts in his name that are going to be on sale to promote his career. The designer yet undisclosed is going to release the shirts to the public on trick's birthday; 29th of may,2011.

10. Dammy Krane becomes most popular up-coming artiste in Nigeria.

Imagine a keke-napep driver telling you about Dammy Krane, a bus driver playing his tunes or you step into rehab and Dammy Krane's songs are playing over and over again? Well all this and more are happening as people can't get enough of Dammy. People are even hustling to get his latest records as Ijo Krane has become a Hit over night. Dammy Krane is definitely going to be a very big star.