published on Thursday, 28 April 2011

  .  In the past few years, Nigerian music videos have stepped up from the story line to outfits to concepts to quality. No offence to those involved; but some 9ja videos need to be thoroughly screened and others commended. Let's take a look into some of the latest 9ja videos!!

  • TOO MUCH MONEY RMX:- The whole robbery concept is quite creative and commendable as the money if fake is not predictable in any way. The video kinda reminds me of make it rain video with all the money everywhere. But since it is a Nigerian video, I kinda expected Naira notes flying everywhere. (Myopinion) Saucekid and Ikechukwu as usual killed it; even godwon wasamazing but there was one thing noticed that is just wrong. You don't scream too much money and show a blackberry curve. Don't say I'mhating; like I said before, it's just ma opinion
  • ***(3 stars)

  • IF YOU ASK ME-OMAWUMI:-The young talented songstress once again left us in awe of her talent in this wonderful video. The story line deserves both thumbs up as it is not the usual video-story line. Rape and molestation were properly dealt with in this video.The video was screaming Nigerian culture. Her outfits were on point but I was not so crazy about her trad stage outfit.Something about it ticked me off.

Once again, it's my opinion. But damn,the end showed you where she ought to be. The superstar status. With the way she sings,composes and carries herself; she is the best there is when it comes to female singers in Nigeria. (My opinion).
   *****(5 stars)

  • SO INSPIRED-WAJE FT MUNA:-This video is my favorite video at the moment and you can definitely tell why. Waje should be commended for her noticeable but great weight loss. It suits her well! The outfits and concept were on point and I really can't see anything wrong with this video. Muna's gangsta approach was quite cute and sexy #nohomo......hehe!!!                                         

Working the left-eye gig suited her well and the matching red-jackets we're pure genius. But one thing I wasn't crazy about was the choreography. It was I don't know how to put it,quite or a little lame. And the end where waje stands up from the bed; I expected a triumphant comeback from her to the guy that beat her up at the beginning. But all in all it is a great video.
    **** (4 stars)

  • ABOKOKU(WAIT FOR YOU)-ZARA:- The Alapomeji plus-sized superstar is at a fast rate making a name for herself! The story line for the video is quite hilarious and is definitely a must-watch. "Mr Nigeria"; the leading male in the video, funny enough tried in this video as he tried to drive the humour straight to our hearts, from stealing the bicycle to running like his life depended on it. The fact that the song is a catchy tune helped build the video. And also the way zara was not scared to show some sex appeal even with her size is commendable as it also helps other plus-sized ladies out there to be more confident. I really don't like the beginning of the video with her friends,it's just not captivating enough. Like I said it's my opinion.
***(3 stars)

  • MY KINDA MUSIC-TUNDE EDNUT:-This is the first song ever coming from a comedian that i totally love. The handsome dude in some way won hearts over with this video.Im totally awed by the way he mimicked Dbanj,Wande Coal and co towards the end.Im just not hyped about the water theme and the microscopic effect on the babe's boobs as in the picture below. It is kinda lame if you ask me. but then and then, the video will definitely go far. Tunde Ednut is not only fine but also multi-talented;you're sure to see him everywhere in due course.
***(3 stars)