published on Monday, 25 April 2011

one might think that being a babe you would usually have the plenty girlfriends and the twin sister better known as the "twinnie"; but mine's quite different. im not your usual girl next door!

i remember my father always telling me that at birth, i did not cry till an hour later. you know the normal stereotype that a baby has to cry at birth so you'll know the baby's fine. but i was different. even the doctors and nurses were scared. but my mum knew i was a special child and she gave me my special name. im nt gonna tell you just yet.

growing up for me was quite cool! being the only child even made it better. there was no trip or excursion or party that i dnt go for. i thought i was the luckiest girl on earth. you know how you feel on top of the world cause you have the latest in everything ranging from clothes to accessories sitting in your room!? well i was that kid!

i grew up to be that girl that was always in the midst of guys and knew the real relationships,the nxt set of hearts to be broken and the planned p's! if u get what i mean! i noticed most girls hated me. i guess i was where they longed to be. but i really did not give a damn; according to me they were just really a set of jealous fucks.

i had a lot of girls on my case. some would come up to me and tell me to leave thier boyfriends alone others to help them get some private time with some of my friends. i kind of liked the attention at first,why wouldn't i? when some babes paid me to help them get one on one time with my friends. well i guess it all got to my head and i started feeling like a queen b!

my guys in one funny way turned me to a dude. uno how guys punch each other jokingly? omo,i recieved punches die. i even started speaking pidgin english and using those male slangs. it was that bad.
 my eclectic fashion sense in one funny way wasnt affected. i was still
 as fashionable as ever and envied by many girls.

i then noticed that because of the way i was always around guys, no guy looked at me that way. you know now,no guy classified me as a "go-area". assin a girl they could crush on and all! you know how the thing goes now. it was really annoying because they all kept coming to me asking for advice on babe-issues and all but i never had any issues of mine.

that used to vex me  a lot but little did i know that things were about to change, the unusual only girl was about to get wierder. i was soon in for a treat. my gosh,i cant wait to tell you. but you know how thw thing goes now,i cnt finish my story now and yet!

                               g2g nw! the dudes r waiting! *mwah*