published on Monday, 11 April 2011

Well it’s that time again. I mean that time for you to catch up on the story of my life. I know; you’re that bored. Lol. My registration went perfectly fine and fast too; thanks for not asking. Anyway sha o, did I tell you that well a whole lot of this semester has gone by in your absence. And oh well it’s been kind of dry. But you would definitely not leave here without gist.
I was in my room one day o, when my friend came and told me her story and well, I was shocked. She had liked this boy from way back when they were in ss2 (and were in year 2 now o). The boy had been like they say “on her p” from ss2 and she finally said yes to him when she entered the university. For a guy to be that persistent, he must really love the girl, or so I thought.
Things were smooth for a while till they started fighting due to the dandiest reasons. Assin these reasons just did not make sense. They would fight and not talk for a long time. And when they would finally reconcile, it would only be a while till they fought again. 
The final time, they did not talk for close to a month, when she got a text message. You know all these daft text messages that show the guy’s just a big coward. He did not have the courage to break up with her to her face or even a phone call. He sha yarned some kind bull and well everything ended.
My friend went to church that Sunday and her friend told her that she was at a friend’s house, when that friend’s friend was showing them a picture of her boyfriend and they had been going out for quite a while. The boyfriend unfortunately turned out to be my friend’s recent ex-boyfriend. Imagine the trauma this caused for her? He did not even have the courage to say he had another girl friend o. the funny thing is that this other girlfriend was not a recent girlfriend. They had been going out for quite a while.

My friend could not just forget about it, she called to ask him about it and he admitted that to having another girlfriend. He even foolishly added that he loved her very much and my friend should not come and pour sand in his garri! Imagine?

My friend did not go out with this boy from ss2 to her year one because she was scared. A lot of things were scaring her but she pushed her fears aside and went out with him. My friend normally is a no-nonsense person but she broke all those walls to be with this boy and this is how he repays her?
It so doesn’t make sense to me. Why do guys act like this? They do know we females have a heart and feelings shey? We’re not toys now. I was really pissed when she told me. Assin I couldn’t help but think about it throughout. It was that annoying *rolling my eyes*. i felt like calling madea on him! *rme
Some guys really should be locked up. Ahan!!! *BBM angry smiley*. Anyway sha, that has gone and we or should I say she just has to forget about it. We go through a lot of the bullshit we do to get the best. This reminds me of the movie “black diamond”, they went through soo many useless rocks before they found diamonds.
So this goes out to all my ladies out there, don’t be discouraged jare. And to the guys, I know you want to have fun but don’t break hearts and destroy self-esteems in the process abeg!! It’s all good sha, because girls ehn, una get your own for body!! I really should not go into that right now. Maybe next time. I have to go now. Mid-semester tests are knocking at my door! Wish me luck!