published on Friday, 8 April 2011


 So I’m sure you would have noticed that a lot has happened to me in just my first year of university. But I did not know this was just the beginning. Literally it was, but my troubles had not ended there.
One would wonder what I meant because I had the best boyfriend ever, a good GPA and a reputation to die for. But then if I tell you what was to happen in my second year, you would literally open your mouth. (I’m serious; it is going to be that bad).
I went for my summer vacation all sad because I would not get to see my boyfriend for a period of about two months. I knew I was going to miss him but thank The Lord for BBM.  I’m sure you would be saying in your mind, “this babe loves this boy too much”. I actually did, sometimes I felt it was too much for my own good. But then I was in it to enjoy it to the fullest. I had to dedicate my all to it; or so I thought?? Well………………………..*moving on*
Before I continue, I’m sure you would have noticed a difference in the way I’m presenting my story. A lot of my audiences think it is better this way. Who am I to argue? They’re the ones reading the story now. lol. If you can’t notice the difference; “omo make it dey your mind”, catch up na!! *rolling my eyes*.
Back to my story, before I start to stroke people. *lips sealed*. I had a very nice holiday and my boyfriend was definitely not left out because we spoke and chatted throughout (assin 24/7 *batting lashes*). I was back before I knew it o, it was that fast.
Omo, I came back with a big bang; happy and sad. Happy cause I would get to see my boyfriend and sad because school had already started. I resumed two weeks later, did I have a choice? This was to serve as a new start for me. I had dropped a lot of excess luggage from my first year and I was definitely not planning on picking them up.
Before I forget remember that boy from year 1 that I had something to do with? Well he was going out with a friend. Assin they were officially a couple. You can imagine the irony? The babe was supposed to be a friend o! All these babes sha. Anyhow, I later heard they broke up. Wasn’t that expected? Lol. I’m not trying to be mean but then, going out with him just did not make sense.
I wasn’t bothered because I had more than I expected in my boyfriend, so her again “taking my leftover” was kinda doing community service; providing for the needy! Lol! *covering face* ( I know, I can be mean, but that’s just the way it is). Don’t give me that look o, I’ve forgiven them both, I don’t hold grudges but I just have to mention it.
Anyway sha, the first semester came and so did the New Year 1 students. I don’t naturally like new faces. Assin they terrify me. I was scared for a lot of reasons. Don’t ask me why o, a lot of people would be. This new semester I knew deep down in my heart would come with enough troubles. I was ready to tackle them head on but at the same time, I was equally terrified.
Before I go, I’m sure you would be wondering why I keep posting that other part of my life, but don’t worry, in due course you would understand. I love you but I definitely have to go. Registration for the new semester calls.