published on Thursday, 28 April 2011

  .  In the past few years, Nigerian music videos have stepped up from the story line to outfits to concepts to quality. No offence to those involved; but some 9ja videos need to be thoroughly screened and others commended. Let's take a look into some of the latest 9ja videos!!

  • TOO MUCH MONEY RMX:- The whole robbery concept is quite creative and commendable as the money if fake is not predictable in any way. The video kinda reminds me of make it rain video with all the money everywhere. But since it is a Nigerian video, I kinda expected Naira notes flying everywhere. (Myopinion) Saucekid and Ikechukwu as usual killed it; even godwon wasamazing but there was one thing noticed that is just wrong. You don't scream too much money and show a blackberry curve. Don't say I'mhating; like I said before, it's just ma opinion
  • ***(3 stars)

  • IF YOU ASK ME-OMAWUMI:-The young talented songstress once again left us in awe of her talent in this wonderful video. The story line deserves both thumbs up as it is not the usual video-story line. Rape and molestation were properly dealt with in this video.The video was screaming Nigerian culture. Her outfits were on point but I was not so crazy about her trad stage outfit.Something about it ticked me off.

Once again, it's my opinion. But damn,the end showed you where she ought to be. The superstar status. With the way she sings,composes and carries herself; she is the best there is when it comes to female singers in Nigeria. (My opinion).
   *****(5 stars)

  • SO INSPIRED-WAJE FT MUNA:-This video is my favorite video at the moment and you can definitely tell why. Waje should be commended for her noticeable but great weight loss. It suits her well! The outfits and concept were on point and I really can't see anything wrong with this video. Muna's gangsta approach was quite cute and sexy #nohomo......hehe!!!                                         

Working the left-eye gig suited her well and the matching red-jackets we're pure genius. But one thing I wasn't crazy about was the choreography. It was I don't know how to put it,quite or a little lame. And the end where waje stands up from the bed; I expected a triumphant comeback from her to the guy that beat her up at the beginning. But all in all it is a great video.
    **** (4 stars)

  • ABOKOKU(WAIT FOR YOU)-ZARA:- The Alapomeji plus-sized superstar is at a fast rate making a name for herself! The story line for the video is quite hilarious and is definitely a must-watch. "Mr Nigeria"; the leading male in the video, funny enough tried in this video as he tried to drive the humour straight to our hearts, from stealing the bicycle to running like his life depended on it. The fact that the song is a catchy tune helped build the video. And also the way zara was not scared to show some sex appeal even with her size is commendable as it also helps other plus-sized ladies out there to be more confident. I really don't like the beginning of the video with her friends,it's just not captivating enough. Like I said it's my opinion.
***(3 stars)

  • MY KINDA MUSIC-TUNDE EDNUT:-This is the first song ever coming from a comedian that i totally love. The handsome dude in some way won hearts over with this video.Im totally awed by the way he mimicked Dbanj,Wande Coal and co towards the end.Im just not hyped about the water theme and the microscopic effect on the babe's boobs as in the picture below. It is kinda lame if you ask me. but then and then, the video will definitely go far. Tunde Ednut is not only fine but also multi-talented;you're sure to see him everywhere in due course.
***(3 stars)



published on Monday, 25 April 2011

one might think that being a babe you would usually have the plenty girlfriends and the twin sister better known as the "twinnie"; but mine's quite different. im not your usual girl next door!

i remember my father always telling me that at birth, i did not cry till an hour later. you know the normal stereotype that a baby has to cry at birth so you'll know the baby's fine. but i was different. even the doctors and nurses were scared. but my mum knew i was a special child and she gave me my special name. im nt gonna tell you just yet.

growing up for me was quite cool! being the only child even made it better. there was no trip or excursion or party that i dnt go for. i thought i was the luckiest girl on earth. you know how you feel on top of the world cause you have the latest in everything ranging from clothes to accessories sitting in your room!? well i was that kid!

i grew up to be that girl that was always in the midst of guys and knew the real relationships,the nxt set of hearts to be broken and the planned p's! if u get what i mean! i noticed most girls hated me. i guess i was where they longed to be. but i really did not give a damn; according to me they were just really a set of jealous fucks.

i had a lot of girls on my case. some would come up to me and tell me to leave thier boyfriends alone others to help them get some private time with some of my friends. i kind of liked the attention at first,why wouldn't i? when some babes paid me to help them get one on one time with my friends. well i guess it all got to my head and i started feeling like a queen b!

my guys in one funny way turned me to a dude. uno how guys punch each other jokingly? omo,i recieved punches die. i even started speaking pidgin english and using those male slangs. it was that bad.
 my eclectic fashion sense in one funny way wasnt affected. i was still
 as fashionable as ever and envied by many girls.

i then noticed that because of the way i was always around guys, no guy looked at me that way. you know now,no guy classified me as a "go-area". assin a girl they could crush on and all! you know how the thing goes now. it was really annoying because they all kept coming to me asking for advice on babe-issues and all but i never had any issues of mine.

that used to vex me  a lot but little did i know that things were about to change, the unusual only girl was about to get wierder. i was soon in for a treat. my gosh,i cant wait to tell you. but you know how thw thing goes now,i cnt finish my story now and yet!

                               g2g nw! the dudes r waiting! *mwah*


published on Monday, 11 April 2011

Well it’s that time again. I mean that time for you to catch up on the story of my life. I know; you’re that bored. Lol. My registration went perfectly fine and fast too; thanks for not asking. Anyway sha o, did I tell you that well a whole lot of this semester has gone by in your absence. And oh well it’s been kind of dry. But you would definitely not leave here without gist.
I was in my room one day o, when my friend came and told me her story and well, I was shocked. She had liked this boy from way back when they were in ss2 (and were in year 2 now o). The boy had been like they say “on her p” from ss2 and she finally said yes to him when she entered the university. For a guy to be that persistent, he must really love the girl, or so I thought.
Things were smooth for a while till they started fighting due to the dandiest reasons. Assin these reasons just did not make sense. They would fight and not talk for a long time. And when they would finally reconcile, it would only be a while till they fought again. 
The final time, they did not talk for close to a month, when she got a text message. You know all these daft text messages that show the guy’s just a big coward. He did not have the courage to break up with her to her face or even a phone call. He sha yarned some kind bull and well everything ended.
My friend went to church that Sunday and her friend told her that she was at a friend’s house, when that friend’s friend was showing them a picture of her boyfriend and they had been going out for quite a while. The boyfriend unfortunately turned out to be my friend’s recent ex-boyfriend. Imagine the trauma this caused for her? He did not even have the courage to say he had another girl friend o. the funny thing is that this other girlfriend was not a recent girlfriend. They had been going out for quite a while.

My friend could not just forget about it, she called to ask him about it and he admitted that to having another girlfriend. He even foolishly added that he loved her very much and my friend should not come and pour sand in his garri! Imagine?

My friend did not go out with this boy from ss2 to her year one because she was scared. A lot of things were scaring her but she pushed her fears aside and went out with him. My friend normally is a no-nonsense person but she broke all those walls to be with this boy and this is how he repays her?
It so doesn’t make sense to me. Why do guys act like this? They do know we females have a heart and feelings shey? We’re not toys now. I was really pissed when she told me. Assin I couldn’t help but think about it throughout. It was that annoying *rolling my eyes*. i felt like calling madea on him! *rme
Some guys really should be locked up. Ahan!!! *BBM angry smiley*. Anyway sha, that has gone and we or should I say she just has to forget about it. We go through a lot of the bullshit we do to get the best. This reminds me of the movie “black diamond”, they went through soo many useless rocks before they found diamonds.
So this goes out to all my ladies out there, don’t be discouraged jare. And to the guys, I know you want to have fun but don’t break hearts and destroy self-esteems in the process abeg!! It’s all good sha, because girls ehn, una get your own for body!! I really should not go into that right now. Maybe next time. I have to go now. Mid-semester tests are knocking at my door! Wish me luck!


published on Friday, 8 April 2011

If you're meeting Josh for the first time you might be amazed at the fact that it is this young man behind all the mad tunes. You might have heard of "too much money" and "your name"; these are just some of the songs to name a few tied to his sleeves. Joshbeatz sat down with JK to share about his life, his girlfriend and most of all his music.

> JK.Who is joshbeatz?

Joshbeatz: joshbeatz is a music producer,rapper and singer.‎​ Joshua oluwatobi Boafo's my real name... I'm Nigerian-born ghanian.

> JK. Where did the name "joshbeatz" come from?

Joshbeatz: the name joshbeatz came from a
friend... one night when i was working in the came jokingly though.

> JK.What was growing up like?
Joshbeatz: it was fun really,especially when i was still below age 12..but immediately i
became a teenager i noticed it wasnt fun anymore because i then had a lot of

> JK.why music?

Joshbeatz: actually music runs in my family so it wasnt so hard choosing to do music,but
taking it seriously and professionally was an issue with my parents especially my mum,so
with great persistence i kind of overcame them..(laughs).

> JK. Your first encounter with music?

Joshbeatz: yo,yo that was like the first time i got into the studio..and i was age 13
then...and that was the late sunny okosun's studio in lagos,nigeria,i went there
to record a hook for a friend of mine because he was in love with my voice back
then,cuz it was all tiny,innocent and was a wonderful,wonderful
experience to be sincere...(Laughs).

> JK. Everybody's talking about the song "too much money". What was it like working with saucekid and godwon?

Joshbeatz: yessoooo,too much money,too much money everywhere...(laughs).. first of all it
was goddy that came to me singing the hook and i was like ...wat's this one again
ooo... then he called sauce up and sauce said he was down with it... and then i went
straight to my pc and did justice to the beat..(less than 25mins)..then we recorded that
night...and that was it...DONE!!!

> JK. People say the song "your name" has a futuristic sound,that it is the future of Nigerian music. How did it come about? What was it like working with those talented young men?

Joshbeatz: (laughing) was a beat i just made one morning in my bedroom on my laptop,and i
strangely liked it and then i sent out messages 2 all my friends ..first was icebergslim,then rico, then dammy... And they all came through... with godwon being my was soon a done deal.. That same night in the studio. (Laughing) and it was everywhere in 6 days.

> JK. I hear you're refered to as a young blood producer. What does that mean?

Joshbeatz: (laughs)...i dont knw oooo... i think the name just came about because of the fact that i'm still a teenager... I will turn 20 sometime in august... yezzir! (Smiles)

> JK. You've produced a lot of mad tunes. How do you do it? Where does the inspiration come from?

Joshbeatz: (laughs)..yup the secret is really nothing apart from really thinking hard to put some creativity into every work,so it stands out.. And i dont ever make beats without getting inspired no matter how much i'm being paid.. Because i take every instrumental seriously.

> JK.i hear you have enough people beefin you. How true is that?

Joshbeatz: wooooow!!!... i dont really know..but i'm sure haters will be somewhere
around..if you are not important nobody will to all my HATERS..i love you
guys and thanks for making me know how important i am.. And how much i give you sleepless nights..(laughing hard)

> sure you get enough female attention,how do you deal with it?

Joshbeatz: hmmmmm.... i just think it's normal.. for ladies to aprreciate a successful
gentle,young man ...its absolutely normal.

> JK. Does joshbeatz hav a girlfriend?

Joshbeatz: yesssoooo.. a fanstastic girlfriend for that matter,her name is sally whitney
adimora,now in chicago schooling,she is the perfect example of an angel... she
was a 300 level student of redeemers university,while she was still in
nigeria,she always supports,advices n takes care of me.. she's far away
right now because i'm in nigeria atm..working and all... but will join her soon in the US.

> JK.the ringtone's a tune. Did it just come to you or it took a while? Tell us more about it.

Joshbeatz: yup,yup it came about one afternoon i was in the studio and wasn't really
inspired to make any beat,or mix any song,just told myself; "wont it be cool
to have my own ringtone?" i went to work that afternoon and then by 8pm it was all
over ..and people really appreciated the creativity behind it.

> JK. You're young and going really far in the industry. How do you deal with all the pressure?

Joshbeatz: to be honest there's  a lot of pressure...but with good friends like
wizkid,godwon,etc that have been through this stage..and finally with GOD ..i'll be

> JK. Any advice for your numerous fans and other upcoming producers?

Joshbeatz: just keep practising well... And put your best and a lot of creativity in everythng
You do-THE FUTURE IS HERE!!! love you guys!

> JK.where should we be expecting to see joshbeatz in the nearest future?

Joshbeatz: a whole lot.. we jus started..there's  a whole lot of time to go... And GOD's going to
keep us alive so we can achieve every goal..amen.

>JK.if you were to come back to the world as one of Nigeria's heroes,who would it be?

Joshbeatz: FELA!!!!!!- the guy was just an unsual talented being.... may his soul rest in




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 So I’m sure you would have noticed that a lot has happened to me in just my first year of university. But I did not know this was just the beginning. Literally it was, but my troubles had not ended there.
One would wonder what I meant because I had the best boyfriend ever, a good GPA and a reputation to die for. But then if I tell you what was to happen in my second year, you would literally open your mouth. (I’m serious; it is going to be that bad).
I went for my summer vacation all sad because I would not get to see my boyfriend for a period of about two months. I knew I was going to miss him but thank The Lord for BBM.  I’m sure you would be saying in your mind, “this babe loves this boy too much”. I actually did, sometimes I felt it was too much for my own good. But then I was in it to enjoy it to the fullest. I had to dedicate my all to it; or so I thought?? Well………………………..*moving on*
Before I continue, I’m sure you would have noticed a difference in the way I’m presenting my story. A lot of my audiences think it is better this way. Who am I to argue? They’re the ones reading the story now. lol. If you can’t notice the difference; “omo make it dey your mind”, catch up na!! *rolling my eyes*.
Back to my story, before I start to stroke people. *lips sealed*. I had a very nice holiday and my boyfriend was definitely not left out because we spoke and chatted throughout (assin 24/7 *batting lashes*). I was back before I knew it o, it was that fast.
Omo, I came back with a big bang; happy and sad. Happy cause I would get to see my boyfriend and sad because school had already started. I resumed two weeks later, did I have a choice? This was to serve as a new start for me. I had dropped a lot of excess luggage from my first year and I was definitely not planning on picking them up.
Before I forget remember that boy from year 1 that I had something to do with? Well he was going out with a friend. Assin they were officially a couple. You can imagine the irony? The babe was supposed to be a friend o! All these babes sha. Anyhow, I later heard they broke up. Wasn’t that expected? Lol. I’m not trying to be mean but then, going out with him just did not make sense.
I wasn’t bothered because I had more than I expected in my boyfriend, so her again “taking my leftover” was kinda doing community service; providing for the needy! Lol! *covering face* ( I know, I can be mean, but that’s just the way it is). Don’t give me that look o, I’ve forgiven them both, I don’t hold grudges but I just have to mention it.
Anyway sha, the first semester came and so did the New Year 1 students. I don’t naturally like new faces. Assin they terrify me. I was scared for a lot of reasons. Don’t ask me why o, a lot of people would be. This new semester I knew deep down in my heart would come with enough troubles. I was ready to tackle them head on but at the same time, I was equally terrified.
Before I go, I’m sure you would be wondering why I keep posting that other part of my life, but don’t worry, in due course you would understand. I love you but I definitely have to go. Registration for the new semester calls.